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JHS Ryan Adams Volume / Chorus / Reverb Pedal

Lunar Music Supply is a proud Authorized Dealer for JHS Pedals! 

The first in a collaboration between PaxAMRyan Adams, and JHS Pedals, the VCR delivers Adams’s identifiable clean tone with a single stomp. The onboard reverb, chorus, and boost effects are inspired by the tones of The Cure, The Smiths, and a hefty dose of 1980s’ angst. And though those tones are easy to pull out of the VCR, it’s easy to blend all three effects to your individual taste. Basically, the VCR Ryan Adams signature reverb/chorus/boost pedal gives you all the good things about 1980s guitar tone in a single, straightforward stompbox.

By engaging the onboard reverb, you’re able to instantly add ambient depth to any guitar tone. The effect is a hall reverb that has been carefully tuned to Adams’s exact specifications. Just dial in as much as you need.

- Ambient-sounding hall reverb spec’d by Ryan Adams
- Toggle switch pulls the effect in and out of the signal path
- Single knob controls the effect’s level

The warm sound of an all-analog, ‘80s-style chorus pedal is vital to getting the guitar sound Adams has been using since his debut album, Heartbreaker. But there are a lot of tones lurking throughout the range of the effect’s control.

- Park the control at noon to be transported to glory days of chorus
- Turning the control up increases the effect’s speed, while decreasing its depth
- Turning the control down decreases the speed, while increasing the depth

While a volume control may not get your pedal-junkie juices flowing quite like chorus and reverb, the VCR’s onboard, all-discrete transparent Volume circuit is capable of a ton of tone-enhancing applications. You may find yourself flipping that switch on more than any other.

- Use as make-up volume when using a lot of the chorus and reverb
- Gobs of output and headroom make a fantastic boost for driving your amp hard
- Punches your sound up above the band with ease
- You’ll find its super-clean and clear tone make a great always-on tone enhancer/buffer