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Fender Custom Shop Josefina Limited Edition Hand-wound Fat '50s Stratocaster Pickup Set

This limited-edition set of Fender Fat '50s may be among the finest pickups you've ever heard. Hand-wound by pickup Master Builder Josefina Campos, the full-bodied single-coil sound exhibited by these pups is the stuff of every Strat-lover's dreams. This set captures the enhanced bass response, punchy midrange, and crystalline highs of late-'50s Stratocasters, with a delicate touch responsiveness that must be felt to be believed. Each pickup has been hand-signed and dated by Josefina, and the set includes a certificate of authenticity and pickup diagram. This Fat '50s single-coil set is limited to 200 sets worldwide, so grab yours now!

Fat '50s Stratocaster pickups are loaded with Alnico V magnets with Formvar-coated wire, fiber bobbins, cloth-covered lead wires, and staggered, hand-beveled pole pieces, yielding the glassy highs and warm lows you'd expect from vintage pickups. These pickups don't stop there, however. Hot-rodded wiring also delivers higher output and enhanced bass response, providing you with a healthy dose of twenty-first-century attitude. The tone connoisseurs here at Sweetwater dig the classic, hot-rodded sound of Fat '50s Strat pickups.

Josefina Campos is one of the most revered pickup builders in the industry. She apprenticed under the legendary Queen of Tone Abigail Ybarra for three years, soaking up Abby's 50+ years of knowledge and mastering her unrivaled winding techniques. Upon Abigail's retirement, Josefina took her rightful place among the Fender Custom Shop's Master Builders. Today, Josefina's pickups produce some of the most sought-after tones in the world.