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Our Top 5 Picks from the 2019 Winter NAMM Show

Well, we're back from 2019’s Winter NAMM Show in beautiful Anaheim, California and let me tell you, it was amazing! We saw many new and innovative products and connected with makers and artists from all over the world. A few of those products really stuck out to the Lunar Team so here's an inside look at our top five favorite products we saw at The NAMM Show.

Chase Bliss Audio — Blooper
Chase Bliss Audio Blooper Pedal from 2019 Winter NAMM Show

Here at Lunar, we are huge Chase Bliss Audio fans. Not only do they make some of the best-sounding and most-innovative pedals we've ever heard, but they are also some of the most genuine people we've ever met. This year at NAMM, they announced the creation of their new looper pedal as a collaboration with KNOBs (KNOBs creates some of the most interesting demo videos on the internet and you should definitely check them out if you haven’t.) Now back to the Blooper, you might be thinking ‘what’s so special about a looper pedal?’ Well this isn’t an ordinary looper pedal. In this normal enclosure you have the ability to record multiple loops, play over them, edit the loops and much more. Not only does this pedal have some incredible features, it also looks absolutely stunning! Chase Bliss Audio has yet to release a price on this pedal or a release date but I can guarantee that we will keep you posted on when we're stocking it because you will definitely want to get your hands on one of these. 


Chase Bliss Audio — Preamp MK II
Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MkII Pedal from Winter NAMM Show 2019

Yep, that’s right we are about to let you know how amazing another Chase Bliss Audio pedal is. This is a wonderful collaboration between Chase Bliss Audio and another one of our favorite companies, Benson Amps. If you are familiar with the recently released Benson Amps Preamp then you will absolutely love this pedal. At the base of this pedal is an insanely versatile circuit that can go from boost, overdrive, and even fuzz. Chris Benson has added an additional silicon and germanium clipping options that are selectable via one of the buttons. But wait there is more, on top of all that they have added the semi-parametric boost/cut mids control from the Condor that can be put before the preamp, after the preamp, or completely removed from the preamp circuit. Lastly, they have added a gnarly fuzz face inspired silicon fuzz that can be inserted at the beginning of the chain and can be set to open or gated style fuzz. This incredible device also features full midi control, expression, and a usb jack for firmware updates! We got to hear this pedal in person at the NAMM show and we were completely blown away. This will be a must have on any pedalboard! Chase Bliss Audio has yet to release a price and a release date at this time but same story as above — we'll let you know as soon as we get to stock these!


Walrus Audio Effects — The Lillian
Walrus Audio Effects The Lillian Pedal Multi-Stage Analog Phaser from Winter NAMM Show 2019

We're pretty much drooling over anything that Walrus Audio puts out! Let’s be honest, not only do all of their pedals sound incredible but they are also some of the coolest looking pedals on the market right now. The Lillian is a multi-stage analog phaser. Phase is one of those effects that I had no idea I liked or needed on my pedalboard until I heard it. The Lillian is a direct relative of the Julia, the chorus/vibrato pedal that everyone has come to know and love. This pedal features controls like Rate, Width, Feedback, and D-P-V blend which gives you the ability to blend between the amounts of dry, phase shifted, and vibrato sounds. This pedal also features a stages switch allowing the user to switch between 4 or 6 stages. With 4 stages the phasing effect will sound more warm and tight and with 6 stages you will get a much more complex sound. This pedal is the perfect missing piece for any pedalboard that you had no idea you needed! Just like the two pedals above, we'll be stocking this as soon as we can get it in! Stay tuned.


Creation Music Company — Aero Series Pedalboard

This series of pedalboards absolutely impressed us! We have been dealers of Creation's pedalboards ever since Lunar opened it's doors and we truly love all of the work they are doing. This pedalboard is by far the lightest pedalboard we have ever seen. The Aero Series is perfect for the gigging musician because who wants to carry a heavy board to that church, bar, or stadium gig and it makes traveling with pedals even easier. Not only is this board incredibly light each of the slots on the top of the board have been strategically placed so that it is easy to make cable runs and have an extremely clean pedalboard. One of our favorite features on these is the ability to have multiple handle placement options. This keeps the user from never have to block an input jack on the pedal, simply just move the handle to the slot that works for your individual pedal layout. We highly suggest you to check out these incredible new pedalboards from Creation Music Company! 


Milkman Sound — The Amp 12’’ Combo
Milkman Sound The Amp 12" Combo amplifier from Winter NAMM Show 2019

Milkman has once again created something really awesome. They took “The Amp” pedal that everyone knows and loves and turned it into a combo amplifier. This combo features many of the same features as the pedal such as, universal power input between 100-240V, a balanced line level output with analog cabinet simulation, splashy reverb, rich VCA tremolo, and portability. It is also hosted in a resonant and lightweight pine cabinet with a 12’’ Celestion Creamback Neo speaker. This whole combo amp also is incredibly light only weighing 22 pounds. One of our favorite features of this amp is the “mute” mode. This is perfect for those silent stages. In this mode it disables the speaker while sending signal to the direct output. The Amp 12’’ Combo also has an external speaker output so you can power a second 8ohm speaker and create even more of a presence on stage. This amplifier sounds incredible but also is extremely affordable coming in at $1299. With this amp you will get tons of tone with extreme portability! Any musician should definitely add this to their gear wish list! And we'll stock it soon!


Overall the Winter NAMM Show was a blast and we got to see so many awesome products, see old friends, and meet new ones. Some of our honorable mentions would include the Ernie Ball VPJR Tuner, Jennings guitars, JHS The Clover, and tons more! This years NAMM was one for the books! Make sure you follow us along on Instagram @lunarmusicsupply and like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more gear posts, demo videos, and stay up to date with all the cool gear we have in shop! Thanks for reading!

—Grant Miller, Lunar's Coolest Shopkeeper