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Our Fender Custom Shop Lineup

When we were planning to open Lunar, we new we wanted to have only the highest quality instruments, accessories, and services. The Fender Custom Shop was an absolute no-brainer. We love the uniqueness of each build, the excitement of pushing the envelope of guitar design and aesthetic, and the recreation of historic and timeless models of guitars.

We wanted to be part of the family that carried these outstanding instruments and offer a place where Oklahomans could experience, aruguably, the highest quality of guitar craftsmanship without having to leave their state or settle for ordering such a pristine instrument online. Being the only inependant dealer of Fender Custom Shop in the state, we pride ourselves in being able to get Your dream guitar built for you.

Offering limited runs and one-of-a-kind options, Fender Custom Shop is the perfect way for a player or collector to show their individuality and harness the legacy of Fender Guitars.

Mark Quenzer
Owner, Lunar Music Supply

The Strat You Have Been Waiting For

Combining vintage style with modern luxuries, the Limited Edition Tomatillo Stratocaster delivers sweet, flavorful tone and plenty of smooth playability. New pickups and a unique wiring scheme make this limited-edition guitar the perfect weapon to command the stage. The Journeyman Relic flash-coat lacquer finish allows the wood to breathe with pure resonance and ages in a distinctly personal way.

The trio of Tomatillo single-coil pickups share the same lineage as our Ancho Poblano and El Diablo pickups. Clean-sounding, with plenty of chime, the Tomatillo pickups are crafted around alnico 2 magnets, simulating what an aged alnico 5 pickup from the ‘50s might sound like today. ½ blender wiring turns the second tone control into a blend pot while the pickup switch is in Position 1 and 2, allowing you to mix the neck pickup in, shaping your tone to precisely match your taste.

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Historic Tone | Legendary Feel

Revolutionizing the world of rumble, the Jazz Bass® directly evolved from the foundation the Precision Bass® had established, with its offset body, narrow nut width and added neck pickup. The 1960 Journeyman Relic® J Bass® brandishes time-correct features like concentric stacked control knobs, hand-wound vintage Jazz Bass® pickups designed with 2 pole pieces per string to provide a mellower “jazzy” tone, and signature Fender® Custom Shop aged lacquer of a well-played classic rumble warrior.

In true Custom Shop fashion, tradition meets modern playability in this J Bass®. This bass combines a 2-piece select alder body and a quartersawn maple neck with a “ '60 J Bass® U"-shaped neck profile, slab rosewood fingerboard, 9.5" radius, and 20 6105 frets.

Additional features include period-accurate Jazz Bass® bridge with threaded steel saddles, vintage-style Jazz Bass® tuners, bone nut and round string tree. Includes deluxe hardshell case, strap and Certificate of Authenticity.

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